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custom illustration

900,00kr DKK - 6.000,00kr DKK

If you have in mind an idea that I could turn into a personalized illustration, just place an order, and send me some pictures and a short description of your idea.
For the painting to be truly personalized, please include a few details about the person/animal you want me to illustrate e.g. favorite colors, food, places, whether they are a coffee or a tea person, etc. Something that can help make this picture unique :)

All illustrations are painted on a thick, 220 g, acrylic paper in 5 possible sizes: A4, A3, and A2, 50x70 cm, 70x100 cm.

It is also possible to order a print copy along with the original illustration so that you can share it with your family or friends.

Send pictures and info to [email protected]